Watch Two Moons on Earth on 27 August 2010 ( ESOK !!! )

Last week aku terima satu email...FROM one of the LAFARGE staff...
(forgot to share wif uoall)

27 August 2010, the whole world would see two moons in the sky, everybody is waiting for this wonderful moment, the scientist are waiting for making film of it, on the other hand some more steps are taken to see this beautiful moment together with friends. this happens after every 277 years. The Mars will appear in August in the sky with dim light and at 27 august when it is 34.65 million miles away from earth then it will start looking two moons in the sky. This will happen in 2287 again and happened in 1733 in past.

p/s : don't know whether this email is true or not...juz wait for 2morrow

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  1. wow...ade dua bulan...

  2. ntahla bole percaya ke x Q...lgpun mlm nie..mlm nuzul al-quran...kita tgk jela kat langit kul 12.30 mlm nnt..huhu~

  3. wow...leyna tak pernah tau pun slama ni

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